“Working with Ettie is like finding a new friend who wants your highest good. She listened and broke though mental clutter, enabling me to identify where I wanted to go and what was holding me back. She combined humor and a personal sense of responsibility that showed through in her professionalism. I found her accessible, concerned, and able to focus on my issues by using her wisdom and experience. My time with her was most helpful in framing and working on my goals.”

— Jane KIng, Journalist

“I am delighted to recommend Ettie Shapiro and the excellent workshops she has presented for the Women’s Enterprise Development Center. Ettie has spoken to our clients on building self-esteem and also effective business communication. We even had her train our trainers to help them be more effective in the classroom. Ettie is a highly informative presenter and we are so lucky to have her as part of our Westchester women’s business community!”

— Persephone Zill, Senior Program Specialist, WEDC

“Ettie is an excellent and inspiring coach! I was so pleased to have such positive outcomes as a result of our meetings. Ettie has a superb ability to listen and offer clear guidance. I highly recommend Ettie to anyone looking for some inspiration and clear techniques to create their own success!”

— Ruah Bhay, Owner Ruah Yoga

 “I have been working with Ettie for business, as well as life coaching, and the results have been outstanding. Not only has my business and quality of life improved, my stress level has also gone down. Her qualifications, warm style, strong commitment to helping, professionalism and accessibility are some of her strengths. My life has changed for the better since I started using Ettie as my coach. I recommend her very highly for those that truly want to improve their lives.”

— Irene Berner, CFP, owner Berner Financial Services

 “I have known, and respected Ettie for a very long time. She brings an impressive background to her coaching – not only her coach training and psychotherapist background, but her perceptiveness, heart and innate wisdom. When I have life issues where I feel ‘stuck,’ she always has excellent feedback. I appreciate having someone I can talk with who understands these issues, and always has a fresh and upbeat take.”

— Susan Lasky, Owner, Time & Space Solutions

 “Ettie’s skillful guidance and intuitive sense have empowered me to successfully meet the challenges of a career transition.With clarity of mind and heartfelt encouragement she has enabled me to take steady incremental steps towards my goals with much greater speed than I ever would have been able to achieve on my own. She has my heartfelt thanks for being in my corner.”

— Sharon McLaughlin, Entrepreneur

“I hired Ettie to help me with time management issues. Through our coaching sessions I came to realize that my “problem” with time management was simply my ATTITUDE toward it. I was able to alter the way I look at projects and be more accurate about how long they will take, communicate that time better to my clients, and be able to do a good job because now I’m no longer rushing to meet unrealistic deadlines.”

— Lynn Amos, Principal and Creative Director,
Fyne Lyne Ventures and Fyne Lyne Lyte

“I had the great fortune of meeting Ettie courtesy of the National Speakers Association, NYC chapter. Anyone wanting to advance themselves–either as fellow entrepreneurs or develop their corporate career–can benefit from her perspective and wisdom. In my own case, she was instrumental in pointing out areas that were hindering new levels of advancement that I wanted to achieve by helping me identify what they were and giving me the guidance on how to detach myself from them.”

— Jonathan Ankney, Owner, Small Business CFO, Inc.
and Financial Services Consultant

“I took Ettie’s workshop last year on Building Self-Esteem. I found the tools and framework really useful at a critical juncture in my professional life. I was at a conference where Ettie presented several months later, and the speakers integrated her concepts into their speeches. This shows how relavant her focus is to many. I highly recommend her workshop.”

— Bruce Segall, President, Marketing Sense

“Ettie has volunteered numerous times at Connect to Care to teach our clients how to “Build Self Esteem”. Her evaluations are always stellar and some of the comments are: “Ettie is supportive and makes me hopeful.”, “Great ideas”, “She gave us solid methods to increase self esteem.”.

Ettie has always been willing to volunteer her time and we at Connect to Care are most appreciative! Thank you Ettie!”

— Anita Greenwald, Donor and Community Engagement

“Over the years, I have coached, mentored, and partnered with Ettie. Her executive experiences coupled with her psychologist experiences have given her a strong and deep understanding and compassion for the complex issues and goals of organizations, executives, and people in general. She operates at a deeper and more profound level than most coaches, which is a tremendous asset.

Having trained over 2000 coaches, I can confidently say that Ettie has demonstrated very powerful engagement, collaborative and supportive skills, as well expanding and challenging skills, which makes her a tremendous coach.

She has a strong sense of self, a great sense of humor, a strong business and result focus, and excellent listening skills. She can get provocative when it is most needed and balance it with support, which is a tremendous gift.

She is very professional with a positive energy and passion for what she does and she respects the humanity of her clients, which makes her a tremendous person.

The bottom line is I would trust her to coach any of my clients.”

— Edward Grosso, Owner, Vital Connections


“Professional athletes work with coaches of all sorts — strength and conditioning, sport specific — the list is long. The goal is to help the athlete make the most of his or her natural abilities and (generally) years of skills development. Yet, for some reason professionals in other fields are reluctant to do so.

What holds true for athletes is true for all professionals: coaching helps you go further than you can on your own. The key is you need to trust that the coach knows what she’s doing and will give you valuable guidance. For me, working with Ettie Shapiro was exactly that. She has a structured process which effectively helped me focus on the areas I needed to work on. I walked away with specific actions and tools to apply in my professional and personal life.”

                                                                                                                                                    -Alan Berkson , Principal, Intelligist Group, LLC


“We hired Ettie to help our son consider his career options by better understanding who he is. Ettie coached our son through the Winslow personality assessment process, assisting him in interpreting the results given that he is still young and does not yet have much work experience. Both our son and we found the process valuable.

We worked with Ettie from a distance (we live a few hours apart so used phone and email to communicate), but we did not find this distance hindered the process or assessment. Ettie is very personable and put our son at ease immediately.”

                                                                                                                                        -Gail Goddard, Executive Compensation, The Hartford

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