Coaching and Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations

We work with nonprofit organizations to help them articulate their vision, express their values, set achievable goals they feel passionate about, and to empower them to become stronger and more effective. Our coaching and consulting services are distinguished by our belief in, and understanding of, our client and their mission. We know the importance of the effort to improve programs, impact communities, and achieve financial stability.

Typical coaching services used by non-profits:

Executive/Management Coaching

We know how non-profits work and succeed. We lead your executives and managers to in-turn lead your organization to excellence.

Team Building Activities

We assess your team and create a customized plan that instills commitment, improves productivity and quality, enhances abiliyt to tackle complex problems and tasks efficiently, and generates new and superior solutions.

Organizational Assessment

The process of taking a step back to reflect and look at the various areas of the organization in regards to what is working and what could be improved.  A powerful catalyst for growth.

Create a Culture of Success

We work with you to strengthen your organization by creating a culture where your staff is engaged adn leaders trusted, resulting in greater productivity and quality.

Staff Development

Best practice organizations consistently address the need for succession planning at every level of supervision and management. Developing your staff gives you staff who are ready and able to step up, builds skills, reduces turnover and strengthens your ability to manage change.

Managers as Coaches

We enable your mangers to improve their individual skill levels of their team members, understand individual strengths and weaknesses to help shape team dynamics, more easily gain consensus for common goals, and structure coaching efforts for maximum effect.

Training and Workshops

Our extensive experience in the non-profit field enables us to customize our trainings to be a perfect fit for your goals.

Coaching and Consulting Outcomes include:

  • Greater self awareness
  • Improved staff supervision
  • Improved communication
  • Hard questions are asked and difficult issues are confronted
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved service delivery

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“Ettie has volunteered numerous times at Connect to Care to teach our clients how to “Build Self Esteem”. Her evaluations are always stellar and some of the comments are: “Ettie is supportive and makes me hopeful.”, “Great ideas”, “She gave us solid methods to increase self esteem.”.

Ettie has always been willing to volunteer her time and we at Connect to Care are most appreciative! Thank you Ettie!”

— Anita Greenwald, Donor and Community Engagement


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