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What do top performers in football, the Olympics, theater, and business all have in common? They all have coaches!

There is still some misconceptions around coaching that is “remedial” as opposed to something that enhances high performance, similar to how an elite athlete uses a coach. But there really is not a single top athlete who does not have a coach. Coaching is a tool for improving what is already high performance.

Executive Coaching strengthens you and your organization. As an Executive who can create a structure that optimizes the strengths of your staff-which brings in the members of your top team-you can maximize the whole and get more.

Putting into place this kind of a complementary leadership structure goes hand in hand with coaching and learning how to develop people-what some consider “soft”skills. Working with me as your coach you can strengthen and develop your team-and have a strong positive effect on retention.

Executive Coaching is a nearly $3 billion business, and growing. Executives who invest where ROI is greatest, invest in coaches. Where do you invest your resources?

What are typical objectives for Executive Coaching?

  • Leverage existing strengths
  • Enhance individual and organizational performance
  • Career planning and development
  • Reduce turnover and retain high performing staff
  • Improve employee morale, more committed employees, thus greater productivity
  • Better client relationships
  • Success in a new position
  • Develop weak or missing skills necessary to succeed
  • Position yourself for continued growth and success
  • Decrease stress
  • Achieve a satisfying work/life balance

Accelerate your progress by beginning your coaching experience with the Winslow Dynamic Assessment

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“I have been working with Ettie for business, as well as life coaching, and the results have been outstanding. Not only has my business and quality of life improved, my stress level has also gone down. Her qualifications, warm style, strong commitment to helping, professionalism and accessibility are some of her strengths. My life has changed for the better since I started using Ettie as my coach. I recommend her very highly for those that truly want to improve their lives.”

— Irene Berner, CFP, owner Berner Financial Services


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