Can You Be Too Grateful?


This is the time of year when almost everyone has gratitude and a Thanksgiving feast on their minds. We know that too much of that yummy food could have negative consequences, but is their really such a thing as too much gratitude?

Research demonstrates that we adapt to the good things in our life. A new car or even winning the lottery doesn’t increase our happiness as long as we think it will. Even a higher income has a limited affect on our sense of well-being. We human beings adapt to happiness as we to to all situations.

The same is true of gratitude. Writing down three good things that have happened to you, what they meant to you, and what you can do to get more of that is called the “Three Good Things” gratitude exercise. It is proven to lead to better health, sleep and relationships, and a more positive experience of life in general. However, research has also shown that people adapt to gratitude exercises as well, and that doing “Three Good Things” once a week is more effective than doing in every day.

So gratitude works to improve well-being and happiness, but it does seem to be true that even when it comes to being grateful, you can get too much of a good thing!

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